As a member of Sigma Kappa, there are certain standards that each sister is expected to strive to uphold. Sigma Kappas strive to proudly signify one who is spiritually whole, responsible and morally conscious. Each sister must also strive to develop her academic and social potential. Sigma Kappas have high integrity, moral soundness, honesty and loyalty. The following code of conduct will serve to guide each person for the better development of mature character, and violation will be met with disciplinary action. The House Officers are entrusted with the responsibility of making sound and fair judgments, while making certain the reputation and the cooperative spirit of the sorority is maintained. Please assist the officers by having a thorough understanding and acceptance of the ideals set forth by this Code of Conduct and be proud to live as a Sigma Kappa - One Heart One Way!

1. RESPECT YOUR SISTERS, AS WELL AS THEIR PROPERTY. Try to talk about any problems you have with a fellow sister, with that sister, and if it cannot be solved, then you are more than welcome to bring it to your President, or Vice President. Penalties will be dealt to any sister who has too many issues with numerous sisters.

2. YOU MUST MAINTAIN A 2.25 CUMULATIVE AND SEMESTER GPA. When you fall below a 2.25 cumulative or semester GPA, you are considered to be "not in good academic standing", and consequences will include (but is not limited to) limited social events and inability to participate in intramural sports activities, or even risk being kicked out of the house. If you notice your grades slipping, contact your officers and we will assist you how best we can!

3. ATTENDANCE TO ALL SIGMA KAPPA FUNCTIONS, MEETINGS, AND EVENTS IS MANDATORY. You must inform your House Officers beforehand if you are unable to to do so. Members and new members who miss any mandatory Sigma Kappa function, without being excused, will be called before the Officers and will meet disciplinary action.

4. MEMBERS SHOULD REFRAIN FROM ACTIVITIES WHICH ARE LIKELY TO HARM THE REPUTATION AND STANDARDS OF SIGMA KAPPA. Behave accordingly, please. We are not saying that you are to have no life, and mistakes always happen, but we would appreciate hearing very good things about our sisters.

5. HAZING IS NOT ALLOWED IN ANY SHAPE OR FORM. If the President, or Vice President see any of it going on, the offender(s) will be punished accordingly. Depending on how bad the violation is, you could be asked to leave the sorority and house.

6. NO ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES ARE TO BE GIVEN TO MINORS. You may be punished as well and risk getting kicked out if you are caught supplying alcohol to underaged members. Furthermore, every member should use discretion when using alcoholic beverages, especially when it leads to behavior that may embarrass the sorority.

7. EVERYONE IS TO COOPERATE IN THE UPKEEP OF THE HOUSE. Chores will be equally divided among the sisters and everyone is expected to do their part.

8. COMPANY IS ALLOWED, BUT KEEP IN MIND THAT YOUR ROOMMATE MAY NOT WANT ANY AT THE MOMENT. Guests are allowed in all common areas of the Sigma Kappa house as well. We understand you are adults with needs, please ask your roommate if it is okay to have the room to yourself, and be careful.

9. PETS ARE ALLOWED, BUT YOU ARE REQUIRED TO CLEAN UP AND LOOK AFTER THEM YOURSELF. Furthermore, respect those with allergies, meaning they can't roam freely around the entire house.

10. REMEMBER THAT BEING IN A SORORITY IS ABOUT NETWORKING AND BUILDING RELATIONSHIPS. Don't ever be afraid to suggest any kind of event and/or party for us to attract more people to us!